Company Name Search with SSM

In order to register you sdn bhd company in Malaysia, you must first obtain approval from SSM for the use of the chosen company name.ssm-malaysia-suruhanjaya-syarikat-malaysia

A filing fee of RM50 will be charged by SSM for every company name search application submitted. So, it is important to know the chosen company name is likely available for approval to avoid any rejection from SSM.

We wish to highlight the following important messages you may want to know in considering and determining your company’s name before proceeding to company registration with SSM via us.

Restricted or Prohibited Words from use in the Company’s Name

By virtue of the provisions in the Companies Act 2016, SSM may prohibit or restrict the chosen name when considering an application:

Proposed company’s name may create confusion

SSM officers are of the opinion that  the proposed company’s name may cause confusion to the public as the proposed company’s name:

  • is similar to the one that has already been registered; or
  • is similar with the former name of existing company

Proposed company’s name is subject to query

SSM officers are of the opinion that  the company name search application needs more supporting documents such as consent letter as the proposed company’s name:

  • is similar to the famous local or international business brand’s name (example: McDonalds); or
  • is similar to the famous local or international companies (example: Berjaya or Sumsung)

How to know if someone has already used the name?

Although the outcome of the searches may not be so accurate, there are 2 ways to possibly find out if anyone has used the name:

We can’t guarantee on company name search application

We are unable to guarantee the result of the name search application with SSM, even though we have conducted searches on behalf of our clients prior to the submission of company name search application, due to the following reasons:

  1. Search result from google do not include those companies which have not gone online
  2. Search result from SSM e-Info Online System is not conclusive (find out why here)
  3. Different SSM officers may have different judgements and opinions when considering applications