How To Transfer Shares in A Sdn Bhd Company?

In order to transfer shares in a sdn bhd company from one person to another person in Malaysia, the following documents are needed to complete the shares transfer:

  1. Form 32A – Share Transfer Form (click here to see Actual Form)
  2. Board’s Resolution – Approval from the Board of Directors to accept the transfer of shares

Finally, the Form 32A will be delivered to Stamping Office for stamping purposes, the transfer of shares will only be valid in laws after stamp duty has been paid.

Note: Stamping Office is referred to Inland Revenue Board, or more common know as Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN).

How to transfer shares in a sdn bhd (Form 32A) - small

Who Will Do All The Jobs?

Your company secretary will prepare all documents based on your instructions to make sure all shares transferred accordingly.

Will The Transfer of Shares Be Submitted SSM?

Transfer of shares is not required to be submitted to SSM for update. You will not find new shareholder’s name in SSM system.

When Will SSM Update New Shareholder’s Name in the System?

SSM will only update the Company’s latest shareholders list after receiving the Annual Return from the Company.