How To Resign As Director From A Company?

Resignation as a directorIt is quite common that a director may just want to quit from the company for whatever reasons.

In order to officially have a person resigned as director from a company, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Inform your company secretary that a person wish to resign as director
  2. Company secretary will prepare Form 49, letter of resignation & board resolution
  3. The remaining directors (at least 2) to accept the resignation of resigning director
  4. By order of the board, the secretary will submit the Form 49 & resolution to SSM for registration

SSM Will Not Entertain You

Technically, SSM do not accept any letter of resignation from any person indicating that he/she has resigned as director from a company as this has not followed the protocol of getting a person resigned from the board of director of a company.

SSM officer will normally advise the resigning director to communicate with the company secretary on the matter.

Can Other Company Secretary Help You?

You need to communicate with the company secretary of your company, no other company secretary will be able to assist you in resigning as director as they are not appointed secretary & thus do not have any authority in representing your company.

I Can’t Find My Company Secretary

In very rare situation that your company secretary might have relocated or not contactable, please refer the matter to SSM.