How To Increase Paid-Up Capital in A Sdn Bhd Company?

In order to increase paid-up capital in a sdn bhd company, you will need to get ready the following information & documents:

  1. Bank-in slip (to show the capital already injected into the company’s bank account as share application monies)
  2. Number of shares to be allotted to the existing or new shareholders

The following will be organised by your company secretary after receiving your instruction:

  1. Prepare directors’ resolutions & relevant EGM documents
  2. Deliver the documents to directors & shareholders for signing
  3. Submit Form 11 & Form 24  to SSM (click here to see Form 24)
  4. SSM will normally take 2-12 months to update in SSM system

Authorised capital & Paid up capital by NBC Group

Who Can Be Shareholder?

Any one can be shareholder as long as he/she is 18 years old & above. (Malaysian or Foreigner staying or not staying within Malaysia are all allowed to be shareholder, no restriction in any laws in Malaysia.)

What Is Maximum Paid-Up Capital Can Be Issued?

A company can increase its paid-up capital up to the Authorised Capital that registered with SSM.

What Is Authorised Capital?

Authorised Capital is a registered capital of a company. The amount of authorised capital can be found in the Memorandum & Articles (M&A) and Form 24.

What Is The Purpose of Authorised Capital?

No one include banks or government will look at the authorised capital as it is not a real capital of a company. It serves as the maximun level of paid-up capital of a company can go up to, nothing more than that.