How To Change Company’s Name in Malaysia?

In order to change the company’s name for sdn bhd in Malaysia, you will need to go through the following processes:

  1. Talk to your company secretary about the proposed new name
  2. Company secretary will apply new name with SSM
  3. Once the name is approved, secretary will prepare all directors’ resolutions & EGM documents
  4. All directors & shareholders must sign the documents to approve the change of name
  5. Secretary will submit Form 11 to SSM
  6. SSM will issue Form 13 to officially confirm the change of company’s name
  7. Your company should use new company’s name in all documents from now on

Change company name

How To Conduct Company Name Search?

Every company name search application will cost a filing fee of RM30 and will be done via SSM MyCoID system. Currently, only company secretary is allowed to conduct name search application with SSM.

What Should You Do After Company Name Changed?

You need to display old name under the new company name for a period of 12 months. For example: New Company Name Sdn. Bhd.  (Formerly known as Old Company Name Sdn. Bhd.)